Filoli Mansion Estate and Formal Gardens

Over spring break I had the opportunity to visit Filoli up in Woodside CA aka San Mateo County. Constructed in 1915 it opened to the public in 1976 the entire property consists of 654 acres, and the house and gardens occupy 16 of those acres. Read more about the history of the estate including past owners here.

I learned about Filoli a couple of years ago while scouting park locations for photo sessions on google maps. Filoli does allow photo sessions on the property, but the photographer must purchase a permit from them in advance for $75.00. You can read more about admission pricing here.

We reached Filoli around 11:30 am on a Thursday, and it was much busier than I expected, even for spring break. However, there was plenty of space for everyone, and we were all very courteous to one another as many of us were snapping pictures.

I really enjoyed my visit to Filoli absolutely worth it I felt like I died and to Downton Abbey. I can’t wait to go back and take Jack with me.

percy at filoli
percy at filoli
percy at filoli
percy at filoli
filoli ballroom chandelier
three daffodils
yellow daffodil filoli
Daffodil at Filoli
secret garden door at filoli
Secret Garden Door
bluebells at filoli
pink camellia at filoli
orange tulips
orange tulips
orange tulips and Ivy
Tulips and Ivy
in the garden at filoli
In the garden
white tulips and ivy at filoli
White tulips and Ivy
pink potted tulips at filoli
Pink potted tulips
little bird on a bench
little bird
spring at filoli
pretty in pink
flower in water
flower in water
tulips in the window at filoli
Tulips in the window

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