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Potty Training

Ok, we've been "officially" potty train Jack for a full week now. He's in undies all day long, except for nap time and bedtime. He's yet to poop in the potty, only pee so far. He doesn't like admitting when he has to pee and he's had a few accidents. Typically he poops at nap time… Continue reading Potty Training

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My Photography Journey

When I set out as a photographer back in 2010 I hadn't used a camera much before. I had been spending my time in front of the camera mostly, as a model. I took photography as an elective back in high-school (2005) and I would spend class time posing for other students. My own photos… Continue reading My Photography Journey

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Product Review | Keurig K15

If you're like me, you don't have the grace or the patience to carefully brew your own coffee at home. I don't grind my own beans, and I don't French press. I get my coffee from a Starbucks drive thru or struggle through the day grossly under caffeinated. But no longer. Alas, I am finally… Continue reading Product Review | Keurig K15

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Mom Knows Jack Photography

Exciting news! I added a permanent page to Mom Knows Jack to feature portrait photography by me. The page is still under construction, but my most recent session is already posted. But here are a few of my favorite shots.   For booking inquiries please follow me on Instagram and send me a direct message. Now… Continue reading Mom Knows Jack Photography

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The Mother Lode

If you follow my Instagram stories you know that Jack and I took a little vacation with my mama and sissy in law to the Sonora area here in California. We stayed in a quiet little cottage not too far from civilization, but far enough to enjoy a babbling brook, trees, wildflowers, wildlife, sweet summer… Continue reading The Mother Lode

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Ode to Perfect and Popular Instagram Moms

How is it that your house is so clean? And your garden so green? And your walls so white? And your kitchen so bright? Do your toddlers clean up after themselves? Put away their toys and stack books on the shelves? Did they eat that whole wheat toast? And the Greek yogurt with steel cut… Continue reading Ode to Perfect and Popular Instagram Moms

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Jack was a shit at the doctors today.

He was perfectly fine in the waiting area with all of the toys, but when it came time for the check up, he was having none of it. We could hardly weigh and measure him; he didn't want the doctor near him. He was completely non-compliant and wouldn't talk to the doctor, wouldn't look at… Continue reading Jack was a shit at the doctors today.