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The Mother Lode

If you follow my Instagram stories you know that Jack and I took a little vacation with my mama and sissy in law to the Sonora area here in California. We stayed in a quiet little cottage not too far from civilization, but far enough to enjoy a babbling brook, trees, wildflowers, wildlife, sweet summer… Continue reading The Mother Lode

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Ode to Perfect and Popular Instagram Moms

How is it that your house is so clean? And your garden so green? And your walls so white? And your kitchen so bright? Do your toddlers clean up after themselves? Put away their toys and stack books on the shelves? Did they eat that whole wheat toast? And the Greek yogurt with steel cut… Continue reading Ode to Perfect and Popular Instagram Moms

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Jack was a shit at the doctors today.

He was perfectly fine in the waiting area with all of the toys, but when it came time for the check up, he was having none of it. We could hardly weigh and measure him; he didn't want the doctor near him. He was completely non-compliant and wouldn't talk to the doctor, wouldn't look at… Continue reading Jack was a shit at the doctors today.

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I’m a Disneyland Virgin

As is sit here on the couch with my three-year-old boy, watching Disneys Cars for the 900th time, I am reminded that there is an entire Cars Land at Disney's California Adventure park. You might be thinking "so what I've been there" but let me remind you that Disney is a privilege, not a right.… Continue reading I’m a Disneyland Virgin

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Picky Eater.

Jack won't eat his dinner 90 percent of the time. It is a rare occasion that I can get him to eat anything cooked or otherwise prepared for him. It's hard for me to admit that Jack is such a difficult eater at the dinner table. Because I tried to diversify his pallet from the… Continue reading Picky Eater.

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Happy Easter to those who celebrate, we do, though not for religious reasons. We celebrate to mark the passing of winter and entrance of summer. As I write this it is gently raining outside, the sky is dim and blue. It is an hour until jackโ€™s bedtime and he is watching Disneyโ€™s Cars on DVD… Continue reading Logan