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I confess…

Since I've been working and going to school for over a year now, I have noticed myself feeling judgmental or resentful toward Jeremy as a stay at home dad. Not a lot, but on occasion, like, when the house is a wreck and Jack has done nothing but eat chips and rampage all day.  In… Continue reading I confess…

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Winter Break

Fall semester is over, and I am presently enjoying the second of two consecutive days off. I was going to wait to blog about my fall semester until after grades have been posted, but decided that I am proud of myself regardless of grades. Like last semester I did not miss any class time or any assignments. But… Continue reading Winter Break

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End of Summer Cold.

Well, our family's annual end of summer cold has descended upon us. First me, I brought it home from work I'm sure, now Jack. If I'm lucky it will skip over Jeremy and grammy.  Poor Jack is all stuffy with a low grade fever. But he's in a very good mood overall. We're supposed to… Continue reading End of Summer Cold.

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What will I do, when my baby turns two?

As I push my front door open, after a long shift at work, I am greeted with an excited "HI!" from Jack as he charges into my arms, jabbering all the while, as he tells me about his day. Greetings such as this warm my chilly little heart after a long day of "customer service."… Continue reading What will I do, when my baby turns two?

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When I'm not working or going to school, or doing homework, or catching up on chores. I'm doing my best to be present for Jack. Watching him learn and grow, and discover new things. And with spring upon us, and summer not far behind. Our whole family is looking forward to venturing out into the… Continue reading Update

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Where did this big boy come from?

Jack is closer to being a two-year-old, then he is to a one-year-old. A fact which continues to boggle my mind daily.  Where did this big boy come from? He was 30 pounds at his last baby well checkup. It seems like another lifetime ago that I was counting his breaths as his tiny 3-pound… Continue reading Where did this big boy come from?

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Rain, Rain, Go Away…

It's wet outside. I realize that this is California, and I should not be complaining about the rain we are in such desperate need of, but we are cooped up in the house all day with a cranky toddler who's got cabin fever, and this is only the middle of January. All that being said,… Continue reading Rain, Rain, Go Away…