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Jack learned a new word this past week. He says, “pree” which means pretty. He even uses it in the proper context. Jack’s Grammy and I are always pointing out pretty things to him. I myself have been consistently pointing out the colors of things. Like his colored blocks, for example, I point to each of them and say their color. Recently I started adding “pretty” into it. I’d hold up a block and say it’s color, and then tell him it was pretty. Now Jack understands that color = pretty. We have a rainbow whirly bird in our yard. Jack points to it and says “pree”. He tugged at his Grammys colorful floral dress and said “pree”. At Jacks NICU follow-up appointment this past week, the OT put two red blocks in front of Jack. She wanted to see how he’d pick them up, and if he stacked them. Jack picked up the first red block, looked at it and said “pree” and then looked back at the OT, with that pattened dimpled smile of his. The OT couldn’t believe that this one-year-old boy just said the red block was pretty. Jack is truly a remarkable little human. ❤


Whirly bird 💛💙💜💚❤️

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Today, Jack said…

Book! He said it a couple of times. 🙂

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