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I confess…

Since I’ve been working and going to school for over a year now, I have noticed myself feeling judgmental or resentful toward Jeremy as a stay at home dad. Not a lot, but on occasion, like, when the house is a wreck and Jack has done nothing but eat chips and rampage all day.

 In those moments when I judge my husband for not taking care of the laundry and dishes in addition to taking care of Jack, that I have to remember that I had days like that too. Days where I kept Jack alive and fortified with chips and crackers, and relatively entertained by a third party (YouTube and Netflix)  In fact, I still have days like that.

It’s important for me to remind myself now and again, that being a parent does not require perfection at all times. Some days spent at home with a small child, much like some days spent at work, are entirely shit house. At least I can clock out from work, but I won’t clock out from being a parent, and the same goes for Jeremy.

In other words, It’s okay if we drop the ball sometimes. Not every moment of Jack’s childhood is going to be sunshine and arts and crafts. I can not hold my husband to an unfair double standard as a stay at home dad. If it was ok for me to have a fuck all day, then it’s ok for Jeremy.

Our house may not look perfect and Instagram-worthy all of the time and the dishes in the dishwasher are not always going to be clean and if you come over to visit, you may crunch a cheerio under your foot while striding across our kitchen floor, because two year olds. 


To my husband, I love you and I appreciate you no matter how little or how much you accomplish in a day. (Although I have to admit, nothing turns me on quite like the sound of dishes being washed.)

And as for dad’s go, you’ve already got both of ours beat. You’re a wonderful husband and father and Jack and I both love you dearly, and unconditionally.

Thank you.


End of Winter Break…

Spring semester kicks off next week, which means I’m on the last leg of my winter break. I have been enjoying a slower pace at home and at work, although I am in no way short on chores, projects, and to-do lists.

I did not get as much accomplished during my break as I would have liked. Like cleaning out the garage, for example, it’s been raining consistently on all my days off at home.

The good thing about all the rain we have been enduring, though, is that we are finally out of the drought. Yay!

P.S. Final grades for the fall semester were:

Philosophy/Critical Thinking and Writing= A

United States History= A

Intro to Psychology= B+



Sharing a bed with my homework.

Heading into week three of school, I’ve got a pile of reading and a rough draft of my first essay assignment in bed with me. I’m in the midst of a much-appreciated hiatus from work, that is four days off in a row, and so far I’ve not missed my name tag a bit.

Jack has also been enjoying his extra mommy time. He’s been a trooper in regards to my hectic schedule and doesn’t seem to be negatively affected by it. Although, he has taken to holding onto me dearly the last couple of days. He grabs hold of my hand and takes me with him wherever he goes.

I am especially enjoying this little breather, I have been missing my baby boy so much and it’s been so great playing outside with him in this warm weather we’ve been getting. Hubby is himself enjoying a break and has been able to focus on his own projects while enjoying some extra down time, not too mention mommy daddy time. 😉



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