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Jack is Four

Jack turned four years old last weekend, and we celebrated with pizza, cake, ice cream, balloons, presents, and MONSTER JAM! We had a total blast, and as of yesterday, we’re still recovering.

My plan, (don’t laugh) is that now Jack is four, to start making him sit for practical homeschool lessons. We’ve been focusing on letters and numbers, what they are, where they go, and who they belong to for much of this past year. I’d like to advance into handwriting this year.

Jack draws, he draws cute little stick people, but that’s a relatively recent development.


I got him a new chapter book for his birthday, I read it to him, of course, and the lack of pictures tortures him but it impressed by the presence of so many letters.

Jack is still really into vehicles and play acting. He’s always acting out little scenes and monologues and telling us stories, and that’s how he processes new information and stores it in memory. He also likes to teach his little-stuffed animals their colors and numbers etc., and it’s adorable.

Anyway, here are some pictures of us from the last few weeks.




Winter Break

Fall semester is over, and I am presently enjoying the second of two consecutive days off. I was going to wait to blog about my fall semester until after grades have been posted, but decided that I am proud of myself regardless of grades. Like last semester I did not miss any class time or any assignments. But unlike last semester I took nine units instead of six, and worked five days a week, with my only days off being school days.

I was not alone in my endeavor, my husband and MIL picked up my slack and supported me through every deadline. Jack tolerated my absence from the home and obliged to play nicely while I did homework alongside him in the kitchen or living room.
Much of the time I felt guilty for having to arrange and prioritize my quality time with him so rigidly. But I never wavered where my school work was concerned. I did, however, call off to work when Jack needed his mama at home, or when my back hurt too much, or when both Graham men were sick.

As I was wrapping up my final exams earlier this month, I was also knee deep in holiday shoppers at my job. My stress level reached an all time high and my eye began to twitch regularly. Jack was acting out and being extra sensitive, calling himself a baby and insisting I carry him everywhere. One of those nights I was putting Jack to bed, and I told him that I was almost finished with the semester, and would soon have a whole month off. He let out a big sigh and gave me a sad and severe look.

Later the next day I was thinking about Jack, and all the time together we had to sacrifice, and I decided to register for just two classes for the spring semester. As much as I want to push my way through school as hard as I can, I also need Jack to know that he is my number one priority.

I can always take a class in the summer to make up the difference. Jack is growing and changing so quickly that I want to be as present for him as possible. I want him to know that his mama works hard and tries her best, and sometimes I can not be with him, but that he is my reason for everything.


End of Summer Cold.

Well, our family’s annual end of summer cold has descended upon us. First me, I brought it home from work I’m sure, now Jack. If I’m lucky it will skip over Jeremy and grammy. 

Poor Jack is all stuffy with a low grade fever. But he’s in a very good mood overall.

We’re supposed to go camping this weekend with family. We’ve been planning the trip since Jack was a tiny babe. So I’m really hoping we’re all well enough in time.

Unfortunately, I’ve had to call in to work twice now due to this terrible bout of cooties. On top of not getting paid I’m also missing important training for a position I’m supposed to take over soon.

At this point I have no choice but to leave it up to the universe, and try to get us well. We’re not sick in this house often but when we are it’s awful.

Hopefully everything works out for the best. I start school next week too and then I will really not have time to be sick.