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Jack is Four

Jack turned four years old last weekend, and we celebrated with pizza, cake, ice cream, balloons, presents, and MONSTER JAM! We had a total blast, and as of yesterday, we’re still recovering.

My plan, (don’t laugh) is that now Jack is four, to start making him sit for practical homeschool lessons. We’ve been focusing on letters and numbers, what they are, where they go, and who they belong to for much of this past year. I’d like to advance into handwriting this year.

Jack draws, he draws cute little stick people, but that’s a relatively recent development.


I got him a new chapter book for his birthday, I read it to him, of course, and the lack of pictures tortures him but it impressed by the presence of so many letters.

Jack is still really into vehicles and play acting. He’s always acting out little scenes and monologues and telling us stories, and that’s how he processes new information and stores it in memory. He also likes to teach his little-stuffed animals their colors and numbers etc., and it’s adorable.

Anyway, here are some pictures of us from the last few weeks.




Ode to Perfect and Popular Instagram Moms

How is it that your house is so clean?

And your garden so green?

And your walls so white?

And your kitchen so bright?

Do your toddlers clean up after themselves?

Put away their toys and stack books on the shelves?

Did they eat that whole wheat toast?

And the Greek yogurt with steel cut oats?

Is your life that much more perfect than mine?

Complete with bubble baths, candles, and rose colored wine?

Please forgive me for being so nosey.

But I find it hard to believe an antique chair’s that cozy.

I can’t know for sure,

If your carpets that pure.

But all betting aside,

I think your shit is contrived.

Oh perfect and popular Instagram Mom.