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Jack is Four

Jack turned four years old last weekend, and we celebrated with pizza, cake, ice cream, balloons, presents, and MONSTER JAM! We had a total blast, and as of yesterday, we’re still recovering.

My plan, (don’t laugh) is that now Jack is four, to start making him sit for practical homeschool lessons. We’ve been focusing on letters and numbers, what they are, where they go, and who they belong to for much of this past year. I’d like to advance into handwriting this year.

Jack draws, he draws cute little stick people, but that’s a relatively recent development.


I got him a new chapter book for his birthday, I read it to him, of course, and the lack of pictures tortures him but it impressed by the presence of so many letters.

Jack is still really into vehicles and play acting. He’s always acting out little scenes and monologues and telling us stories, and that’s how he processes new information and stores it in memory. He also likes to teach his little-stuffed animals their colors and numbers etc., and it’s adorable.

Anyway, here are some pictures of us from the last few weeks.




Jack was a shit at the doctors today.

He was perfectly fine in the waiting area with all of the toys, but when it came time for the check up, he was having none of it. We could hardly weigh and measure him; he didn’t want the doctor near him. He was completely non-compliant and wouldn’t talk to the doctor, wouldn’t look at the doctor, would not willingly allow himself to be inspected by her. So much so that she starts questioning me about autism signs and telling me to put him in early intervention for his social skills.
Last I checked, autism isn’t a switch that turns on or off inside a kids brain in between the waiting room and the exam room. In the doctor’s defense, she didn’t believe a word we said when describing how he typically behaves, because, she “hasn’t heard him say a word.”  (Really lady?)
Personally, I do not find it to be the least bit concerning that Jack is wary of strangers. Perhaps if the doctor had greeted the patient in the waiting room where he was playing innocently and congenial having not yet detected the purpose of his visit, she would have seen that he does in fact, speak.
It’s not that I do not realize that Jack struggles with strangers and social interactions. It’s just that I do not fault him for it; it has yet to be a hindrance to his healthy growth and development. Furthermore, we do not plan on pre-schooling Jack outside of the home at all and were considering online options for k-12. And if you are wondering if I am aware of the autism signs, or realize that he is at risk, I am. I do get defensive though, when a stranger attempts to label my child so easily after a 10 minute interaction with him. He has to warm up to you, once he does, he’s very sociable. Also its worth mentioning that when the doctor attempted to exam his “boy parts” he swatted her hand away, which made me quite proud actually.
I am willing to admit that it would be nice if Jack had playdates, but I have no real mom friends near me. Mommy groups want you to join a pay a fee or some bullshit like that, and Jack couldn’t care less about the kids on the playground or at the Library. (And the last time we went to the park within walking distance from us I witnessed a man sexually assaulting himself on a park bench.)
So what’s a mom to do? I feel like another mom in my position would have another baby, give Jack a sibling to play with, draw him out of his shell that way. But I am scared to write another check my body can’t cash, and we’ve been so blessed with Jack, what if lightning won’t strike twice. Plus I like the idea of just having Jack, just spoiling Jack. All I ever wanted to be was an only child, so I’m not open at the thought of another child unless Jack asks.
I welcome any (constructive) (helpful) input in the comments below.

End of Summer Cold.

Well, our family’s annual end of summer cold has descended upon us. First me, I brought it home from work I’m sure, now Jack. If I’m lucky it will skip over Jeremy and grammy. 

Poor Jack is all stuffy with a low grade fever. But he’s in a very good mood overall.

We’re supposed to go camping this weekend with family. We’ve been planning the trip since Jack was a tiny babe. So I’m really hoping we’re all well enough in time.

Unfortunately, I’ve had to call in to work twice now due to this terrible bout of cooties. On top of not getting paid I’m also missing important training for a position I’m supposed to take over soon.

At this point I have no choice but to leave it up to the universe, and try to get us well. We’re not sick in this house often but when we are it’s awful.

Hopefully everything works out for the best. I start school next week too and then I will really not have time to be sick.