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Product Review | Keurig K15

If you’re like me, you don’t have the grace or the patience to carefully brew your own coffee at home.

I don’t grind my own beans, and I don’t French press.

I get my coffee from a Starbucks drive thru or struggle through the day grossly under caffeinated.

But no longer.

Alas, I am finally free from the confines of my co dependent relationship with the bux.

I can now caffeinate myself independently in my own home thanks to our kitchens new addition.

Keurig K15

I struggled with the pros and cons of a Keurig lifestyle for months and compared models and prices across multiple online sellers.

Finally, my MIL made my mind up for me when the K15 went on sale at Target.

I like the K15 model because of its compact size. I’m not into machines that take up an enormous amount of counter space.

We went with the red model to match our other appliances.

It will brew up to 10 oz but I have to slide the bottom off to fit my cereal bowl sized coffee mug.

Eventually, I hope to move away from the wastefulness of disposable k cups because I am not proud of their impact on the environment.

For now,  I’m enjoying the new love in my life without guilt.

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So if you’re like me, and desperately require prompt caffeine in the morning and consistent caffeine throughout the day in order to effectively adult, then do yourself a favor and grab a Keurig K15.

The red one is still on sale at Target for $79.99.



Sweet N Swag Baby Moccasins | Product Review

My son Jack has my feet, they are flat, they are wide, and they are equipped with long toes.  Much like me, Jack prefers to go barefoot, unless shoes are absolutely necessary. Like when he goes bye-bye or goes outside to play.

When Jack first started to wear shoes we struggled to find ones that fit his personality, in addition to his feet. He needed a pair of shoes that were easy on and off, and didn’t feel bulky on his feet. Jack tried shoe after shoe, with little success until finally we found the ones that worked.

Enter the baby moccasin.

One day I was scrolling thru Instagram in my usual way, when I came across a shop called sweet n swag that sold baby moccasins in all sorts of colors and sizes. They had all varieties in stock, with sizing charts conveniently displayed, and the prices were very reasonable with 20 dollar moccasins. Jack’s new shoes arrived very quickly, and came in an adorable packaging.

I chose for Jack a pair in black because you can dress them up or down which is great for everyday wear. These shoes stretch to fit so they are perfect for Jack’s big feet. I am very pleased with both the quality and the style of these moccasins, and Jack wears them every day. In fact, we are on our second pair now, and well on our way to our third pair because Jack is growing all the time.


Product Review | Munchkin Miracle 360 Trainer Cup

Ok, let’s talk about sippy cups.

Every sippy cup we have tried with Jack, prior to this one, has been a bust. The first one we tried was from the Nuk brand, the same brand as his bottles, which are great. That one was a no, because Jack was too focused on the handle attachment. He was about 6 months old at the time, so we just put the sippy cup thing on hold for a while.

Fast forward a couple of months, and Jack will drink milk from a regular cup, (that I hold) and water from a regular bottle of water, (that I hold). Now, that is wonderful, I’m fine with this arrangement for the most part, but I wanted him to have a little independence. He’s not ready to handle a regular cup by himself, (what a mess) so I needed to find something.

For Jacks first birthday he received some sippy cups as gifts. Very cute sippy cups with Star Wars, and Marvel characters. These cups were also a bust, because Jack didn’t understand he had to crane his neck back and suck the hell out of the mouth peice. He also didn’t like the hard plastic mouth piece on his sore gums. I didn’t like any of those aspects of those cups myself. Thankfully, they are still great cups, for when he can use them without the lids. After those I tried another brand of sippy cups I picked up from Target. These stackable sippy cups work fine, but I had to hold it for him. He just would bang it, and shake it, when he had control of it.

Then my sister in law told me about a nine month old baby she saw, drinking from this spoutless cup with handles. The baby could press her mouth to any part of the rim, and draw the liquid out. Jack had to try one of these cups. I found one, the next time I was in Walmart, it was the last one they had.

Jack LOVES this cup. He still bangs it, and shakes it, but he also drinks from it ALL BY HIMSELF. Eur-FRIGGIN-eka. Plus, he doesn’t have to crane his head back. Awesome. I love it because it’s more like a regular cup. No sucking, no spout. Fantastic! This same cup is also available in a larger size, without the handles. Hooray! I’m definitely getting more of these. I suggest you one for your little one(s).

You can find it here.

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