Life After NICU continued…

Jack is now two years old. He’s 32 pounds and about 35 inches tall. He says many different words and phrases and is starting to put together coherent sentences when he feels like it. He runs at top speed all the time everywhere.

Things are a little more hectic these days, with me working and going to school, but we manage quite well most days.

Jack is usually jubilant and funny and cute, but he does have a bit of a temper with a stubborn streak to match.

Jack enjoys playing outside and keeping busy with his toys and his imagination. He also enjoys coloring. He likes us to read to him, but mostly he would rather ‘read’ the book out loud to us. He likes cartoons, especially Peppa Pig and Curious George.

Jack loves cars and trains and airplanes. His favorite shape is a star. He likes dogs, but he prefers cats. His favorite things to eat are salty pretzels or crackers.

He’s all boy, and you can definitely tell he is two.