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Be Mine

Jack and I had fun with these Valentine’s day inspired photos. I got the tattoo idea from Pinterest, but for mine, I used a watercolor pencil (Crayola brand). Jack is a bit wiggly, and it didn’t turn out as neat as I would’ve liked, but it’s still a cute sentiment.


Body Positivity: Beginning My Yoga Journey.

If you read my first body positivity post you know I’m trying to feel better and maybe look better.

I have back pain and anxiety, as well as painful muscle knots in my shoulders, all of which hinder my existence.

My pain, my weight, my weak muscles and my anxiety, all led me to try yoga.

Right now I am practicing solitarily in my bedroom with Youtube on my phone.

I found a channel with videos for beginners like me who have pain. The videos on this channel also lead a very practical lesson which I like.

So far so good, I’m looking forward to continuing to practice, I’ll be sure to let you all up to date on my progress.

If you have any links to share, please drop them in the comments below.

My Winter Break is Nearly Over.

My winter break is nearly over, but I have some more pictures of Jack to share. He’ll be four this spring, and he wants to go to Monster Jam again, and he has asked me for a camera so that he can take pictures.

I think he’ll get both.

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