Let’s Talk About Those Suicide Prevention Hotlines.

When I was 15 I desperately wanted to cease my own existence, I never made an attempt on my own life, but that didn’t stop my parents from getting me placed on a 51/50 and hospitalized for a week in an adolescent psychiatric wardย with a bunch of other kids who actually tried to kill themselves. While I was in there not once did someone recommend we call a hotline next time.

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10 Things I Learned While Attending Community College in My Late Twenties.

community college

Community college is a level academic playing field, which makes it an important tool for adult students like myself. However, attending courses with persons a decade younger than myself can be extremely frustrating, I find myself caring more about my coursework and my grades than my peers. Which is why I created this list of things I have learned so far while attending community college as a grown ass woman.

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