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Jack is Four

Jack turned four years old last weekend, and we celebrated with pizza, cake, ice cream, balloons, presents, and MONSTER JAM! We had a total blast, and as of yesterday, we’re still recovering.

My plan, (don’t laugh) is that now Jack is four, to start making him sit for practical homeschool lessons. We’ve been focusing on letters and numbers, what they are, where they go, and who they belong to for much of this past year. I’d like to advance into handwriting this year.

Jack draws, he draws cute little stick people, but that’s a relatively recent development.


I got him a new chapter book for his birthday, I read it to him, of course, and the lack of pictures tortures him but it impressed by the presence of so many letters.

Jack is still really into vehicles and play acting. He’s always acting out little scenes and monologues and telling us stories, and that’s how he processes new information and stores it in memory. He also likes to teach his little-stuffed animals their colors and numbers etc., and it’s adorable.

Anyway, here are some pictures of us from the last few weeks.




Love It Or Lose It: My Struggle with Body Positivity.

My body and I aren’t getting along. I can’t even look in the mirror most days. I’m soft and doughy. I have no problem with curves or being plus size. I don’t have a flat stomach though, and my body lacks tone.

Right now my stomach looks pregnant. But it’s not. I don’t even feel like I have a right to use Jack as an excuse for this momma’s tummy because he was under 3lbs at birth.

My husband loves me for me, no matter what. While I appreciate that sentiment and love him even more for his continued expression of it, it still doesn’t help with my body issues.

I was complaining to my good friend Liz the other day, about my lack of body positivity regarding my extra weight and she said something that did help. She said, “you have to decide to love it or lose it.”

Go ahead and file that one under real talk.

I’ve decided to take my friends advice, sort of because I’m gonna love it, and lose it. I have to accept the fact that loving my body means caring for it somehow and I need to lose this unhealthy feeling.

I don’t want to focus on any specific weight goals though, mostly I just want to focus on making more mindful decisions about what I eat and drink. Explicitly avoiding snacking, eating while bored, and chocolate in mass quantities.

2018-01-15 08.48.10 1.jpg

January 15th, 2018

Initially, I had planned to share my struggle with you all in the form of weekly accountability posts, but that’s canceled. I have decided that I don’t owe any of you a peek at my vulnerability or access into all of the details of my journey, so we’ll just see what I post when I post it.

However, if you have a story or tips to share, please feel free to share them in the comments.

Potty Training

Ok, we’ve been “officially” potty train Jack for a full week now. He’s in undies all day long, except for nap time and bedtime. He’s yet to poop in the potty, only pee so far. He doesn’t like admitting when he has to pee and he’s had a few accidents. Typically he poops at nap time but only after he’s asleep.

Basically, I ask Jack about every 20 minutes if he needs to go potty, to which he responds either “NOOO” or “NO THANKS.” If it’s a “NO THANKS” I wait a few minutes and then ask again. If it’s a loud screeching “NOOO” I have to catch his little butt (because he’s running from me at this point) and carry him to the bathroom to pee and of course, he does.

Boy does he pee. My bathroom is a disgusting nightmare at the moment and I am not looking forward to scrubbing little boy pee off the bathroom floor on my hands and knees later this afternoon.

It’s a work in progress but in the meantime, we are saving money on pull ups so that’s something. I’m trying to make this transition to boy hood as easy as I can on Jack without feeling like a slacker. Jack is very sensitive and quick to admit to still being my baby, plus he’s very shy when he feels vulnerable.

I realize that Jack is 3-years-old and that other kids are potty trained by now, and Jack is also the size of a 5-year-old so the mom judgment is real. But Jack was also a preemie and has a habit of tackling each new milestone on his own terms. Usually, he waits until I’m at my wit’s end though.

Anyone else out there in the middle of potty training?

Share your pain below.